The comedy show of Sony SAB named “Kaatelal and sons” is going to be very interesting and amazing day by day. The sisters in the show are getting so much from their fans. The show is getting high TRP every week. The current track of the show is going very exciting and suspicious as well. Recently, we have seen that the marriage of Garima and Sattu got cancel. Both sisters get happy with that. In the upcoming episode, you will see that Dharampal plans a pooja at home and invites Sattu for the Pooja.kaatelal & Sons

Previously, you have seen that Jagat Seth plans to ruin Dharmpal’s image in society. Later, Mangalsutra slips from Garima’s hand. A boy sees the Mangalsutra and informs Dharampal that he found the Mangalsutra. Dharampal again starts the wedding rituals and says that call Sattu downstairs. Sushila says that I will take him downstairs. Dharampal stops him and says you stay here only. Garima’s brother says that I will bring him. His uncle also says that he also comes with him. They both go to take him. Then Sushila starts a drama.

She says to Dharampal that he doesn’t care about others feeling he just want that the marriage should happen at any cost. Because in India, when a woman says no to something, men never listen to them and do whatever they want. After that, the mahurat time passed away. The marriage of Sattu and Garima get postponed. Garima and Sushila take a relief breath. In today’s episode, you will see that Dharampal organizes a pooja at home and says to Garima’s brother that calls Sattu and invites him for the Pooja.

Sushila gets shocked to hear this. On the other hand, Sushila’s favorite Hooda Sahab is coming to celebrate Lohri. Sushila says that she will only Hooda Sahab and she will go to meet Hooda Sahab and not listen to anyone. Also, Jagat Seth is also planning to insult Dharampal in front of everyone. It is going to be very exciting to see that now what will Jagat plan against Dharampal. So, don’t forget to watch the upcoming episode of Kaatelal and sons on Sony SAB Mon-Fri at 7:30 pm. Stay tuned with us for exclusive updates on the show.


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