The latest episode begins with Dharmapala as Dharmapala looks at Pandit and Pandit Ji says that the auspicious moment of marriage is coming out. On the other hand, Dharmapala thinks what should I tell my daughter when she sits in a bridal couple Waiting for her groom. Dharampal gets worried and gets lost in critical thinking when Pramod goes towards Garima’s room and suddenly stops Guddu’s mother and asks him where is Sushila? Chachi asks Pramod that I had heard Sushila talking on the phone that she was calling you at some base. Pramod says there is no such thing.

Kaatelal & Sons 22nd January 2021 Written Update Latest Episode: Where Is Sattu

Meanwhile, Chachi says what are you doing towards your sister-in-law’s room without finding Sattu. Now the twist is this, Sattu is not in the marriage because he has in Kidnapped, and the rest of the family members mainly Dharmapal are waiting for him. Now they cannot be procced the marriage without him. All family members are questioned to Pramod that where is Sattu although Pramod thinks Sattu got herself Kidnapped but no one knows Susheela means Sattu is actually Kidnapped by someone.

While Pramod goes to Garima Guddu’s mother stops him and starts asking question-related about the absence of Sattu. Apart from this, there is a discussion going on related to the affair of Pramod and Susheela. On the other side, Garima’s mom says to Pramod go and meet Garima it will make you feel better if you talk to her and comfort Garima.

Chachi goes behind Pramod to listen to the conversation between Garima and Pramod but Garima’s mom stops her. Along with this, the episode ends. Now, it will be interesting to see that who has kidnapped Susheela and at the same time, you will get to see a new twist in the story which will come due to Jagat. That’s why do not miss this episode because it is one of the best dramatic shows which is airing on sony sab and containing a very huge fan following among viewers.


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