Today we are about to connect with you again about a new latest episode. Yes, today we will tell you about the written updates of the show of Kaatelal & Sons, as we all know that there are a lot of twists and dramas going on in the show, through which the show is excited to double all its fans. This is a show that is constantly giving a dose of dramas to its viewers these days. Not only this, all the family members in the show are now worried about Susheela’s marriage.

kaatelal & Sons

The latest episode begins with Pramod as Pramod attempts to become a kidnapper but fails to act though Susheela helps him. We would like to tell you that this acting makes Susheela to kidnap sattu. Pramod refuses to act but Sushila explains to him that you do not need to be afraid. She says the one who is scared, dead. Finally, Pramod agrees with Susheela.

On the other side, we see that the wedding preparations are going on and a call comes to Dharmapala who promotes, although the call is cut in a second. Pramod again calls Dharampal and mistakenly calls him Ji, only then Susheela tells him who speaks by doing so. You are a kidnapper, talk in a loud voice.

Susheela mutes the call and explains it to her, after which she removes the call from the mute, though Dharampal recognizes her voice Pramod tells him in a loud voice that I am not Pramod or any doctor. I’m a kidnapper. I have kidnapped son in law, and suddenly the call is cut. After this, Dharampal receives a call again after some time in which it is revealed that sattu has been found and keep Susheela ready.

In the next scene, Dharmapala prepares the pavilion and waits for the muhurta. On the other hand, Garima and Guudu make a plan in which they change the time of all the watches in the house. Apart from this, Susheela i.e. sattu is wearing sherwani near the tailor. Seeing that in reality he gets kidnapped. Along with this, the episode ends.


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