Today, you will know about the most prominent show’s written update titles Kaatelal & Sons. Yes, the show regularly getting lots of love from the audience. The show is very entertaining and giving many fabulous episodes to all the fans. Everyone knows that the story of the show is going on very well and increasing the craze among fans. The show containing lots of drama with fun moments that make the show better than other daily soups. Kaatelal & Sons is a much-loved television show that airs on Sony Sab to entertain all viewers. So, don’t miss to watch the upcoming episode of the show.Kaatelal & Sons

The latest episode of Kaatelal & Sons is very outstanding because Dharampal is very upset with his both daughters. Dharampal later says to Gannu and Sattu to visit his home but the boy says for what. Later, he asks the boys what do you say? Then the scene cuts and the next scene arrive with Shusila who asking from Garima that what you have to say to Gannu and Sattu. Garima says that we will have to call Gannu and Sattu home to cancel our marriage. As always the show again coming with lots of turns and twists.

The story of the show is going on very fantastic in which all the stars are giving their outstanding performance in the characters of the show. The upcoming episode also coming with many turns and twists that make the environment very special for all the viewers. All the personalities who worked in the show are very fabulous and regularly increasing the craze among fans. The show also regularly getting a very high TRP on daily basis. Now, the makers just maintaining the number of TRP which is very high.

In the episodes, the current matter is all about the marriage of Gannu and Sattu with Garima and Shusila. Now, everyone knows that they all are two girls and they dressed up boys to manage their saloon. Their father doesn’t allow the girls to manage saloon because they are girls. So, they change their look and dressed up as boys to easily handle the saloon. The forthcoming story of Kaatelal & Sons will be more interesting because many twists will be add on by the makers to make it more special for viewers. So, if you want to know more updates about the television series then stay tuned with us and get all the information about the daily soup.


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