Today we are talking about the famous TV show Kaatelal and Sons. As we all know that this is a family drama show in which the audience is getting to see a lot of dramas at this time as the time of Susheela and Garima’s wedding has come to a close. Although we all know that both sisters are getting married to Gunnu and Sattu but Sushila is making every effort to save herself from this marriage. Today we will tell you about the written updates of this show and will inform you about the ongoing dramas and twists in the show.

Kaatelal & Sons 16th January 2021 Today's Latest Episode Written Update Spoiler Alert

The latest episode begins with Dharampal as Dharmpal Says while eating that my daughters have got my nose cut. Dharampal Says to call the Gunnu and Sattu at home then the boy says, for what? he again says do what you said. Later, Sushila says tell to me what you have to say to Gunnu and Sattu. Then Garima reply we will have to call him to our house to cancel the marriage. In the next scene, we will see how Garima and Susheela handle the situation and stop him from coming to their house.

Further, Dharampal Says I do not need to listen to anyone else because now, I will do meet and talk to Jaiprakash. After that, everyone starts to eat breakfast. On the other side Pramod, who is talking to his mom on the call about the incident that happened between Pramod and Sushila because Sushila text Pramod and says Some curse words to him. Pramod tells all these things to his mother. His mother says don’t worry about it nothing will happen I will help you in this matter.

In the next scene, Pramod’s mother says I will face Dharampal. If Sushila has her father then you have your mother, I will get out of you in this matter because it is no big deal to hug your girlfriend in the middle of the market. In the next scene,  we see that Sushila calls Pramod and says how dare you, to hug me in the middle market. Meanwhile, she warns him that if my marriage is not canceled by this plane then I will not leave you. Along with this, the episode ends.


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