As everyone knows that a very popular and famous is going on very well. All the viewers regularly watch the show and also want to saw the entire story of the show. ‘Kaatelal and Sons’ is the biggest serial of the time because the story of this show is a very unique and attractive concept. As we know, the story of this family show is based on a very simple middle-class family, where two girls constantly try to run their salon in a change of male form. But unfortunately, this plan proves to be a failure. Let us tell you that this is the famous serial of SAB TV which airs regularly on Monday to Friday at 7:30 pm. We would like to tell you that today we will tell you about the latest updates related to this show.

Kaatelal & Sons

The upcoming episode begins with Pramod as Susheela spends time with Pramod’s family. In addition, Pramod’s father makes a cake for Susheela, and she cut the cake together with Pramod. Meanwhile, Pramod makes fun of him. After this, his father tells about his past. Let us tell you that, the show is regularly entertaining all the fans and gives many fabulous episodes to the people. That is the reason behind all the peoples wants to know about its latest updates.

In the upcoming episode of Kaatelal & Sons, the story is going on very well in which Garima and Susheela trying to overcome the problem that happened in their life. everyone knows that Dharmpal got a clue about the relationship of Garima and Susheela with Gunnu and Sattu. Now all the viewers will see in the upcoming episode that both the girls are trying to solve the issues going on.

Dharmapal and his wife call Gannu and Sattu to meet them after that Dharmpal and his wife offered them food. A long meeting is going on, in which Dharmpal said them to become “Ghar Jamai” after marrying his daughters. If you want to know the further story of the episode then watch tonight’s episode on Sony Sab at 7:30 Pm.


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