A very genuine and interesting show named Kaatelal & Sons is airing on Sony Sab. Everyone knows that Sony Sab always comes with very entertaining shows that give lots of fabulous episodes to the viewers. The show is very high TRP containing and all the people are very eagerly waiting to watch the fantastic show. After every episode, the show continuously increasing its fan following by giving lots of awesome episodes to the viewers. Kaatelal & Sons regularly getting lots of love and appreciation from the audience. All the star casts who work in the show comes in highlights every day.

Kaatelal & Sons 29th December 2020 Today's Written Episode Latest Update Future Story

As every day passes out, the story of the show becomes more interesting because the upcoming episode of Kaatelal & Sons starts with Garima and Sushila. Now, the show will show how Garima and Sushila will get out of this problem After that, their father met them with an accident and he sees that there was no one in the shop to manage. Later, luckily Jagat found Sushila who going out with Gunnu. After that, the story of the show becomes more interesting and all the people loved and appreciate all the star casts of the show.

After that, Garima forgets to change her appearance and immediately Jagat caught her. Later, Jagat tells it to their father, Dharampal. He gets very angry after hearing Jagat’s words. He calls the sisters to have a talk but Garima and Sushila don’t answer his questions. After that, their father tells them that they both will not step out of the house. The sisters tapped into the house as arrest and this situation make the saloon suffer for no one can handle the shop. They both tensed and think about escaping the house to go to the saloon to manage it. All the people are waiting for the forthcoming episode to watch the performance of the star casts.

The show regularly collecting lots of appreciating moments in which all the people are loving the show very much. If you want to watch the upcoming episode of the show then Kaatelal & Sons will be airing at 07:30 PM IST on Sony Sab. Everyone liked the show and appreciating the show very much. So, don’t miss to watch the show and make your time very interesting by watching the amazing story of a very genuine show on Sony Sab. For further updates of Kaatelal and Sons, stay tuned with us.


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