Alchemy Of Souls Ratings: K-Drama Cast and Rating Details: This Korean series is gaining more popularity since its first release. This series is on the top of the chart and getting high ratings as compared to other web series. This web series is written by the Hong sisters. This web series is having the story of magicians who deal with heaven & earth. As this web series premiered on 18th June 2022. This series aired every Saturday & Sunday at 21:10. If you want the story behind this story you can watch this series on Netflix and many other platforms. This series is divided into two parts which first part contains twenty episodes and the second part is not revealed as it is written by the scriptwriters. Follow More Updates On

K- Drama Alchemy Of Souls Ratings

K- Drama Alchemy Of Souls Ratings

The story is a fantasy drama that consisted of an unknown place named Daeho which doesn’t exist on a map or history. This series has an interesting story as two people’s destiny & fate are exchanged because of the magic. This web series has earned a 5.2% rating till now. The viewer’s age of this series has mostly come in the range of 20 to 49. The public broadcast network this series has gained the highest views till the sixth episode. After which it scored an average of 6.9% of rating.

Cast Of The Alchemy Of Souls

  • Jang Wook
  •  Mu-deck/Nak-us
  • Seo Yoo
  • Park Jin
  • Park Dang-gu
  •  Jin Mu
  •  Yeom-su

Another series Why Her also aired at the same time when Doctor Lawyer was released but it gain the most views on all the channels where it can be seen. the average rating was 8.8 percent which took first place. On the other hand, JTBC’s new drama series named ‘Cleaning Up’ had an average rating which is just 3.1 %. This series is not gaining as much popularity as compared to the previous one. However, the other drama series named ‘It’s Beautiful Now’ has gained 21.1 % of popularity among the viewer which is a good score.

In an interview, the cast of Alchemy Of soul shared their bond with each other and explained how they become good friends in real life. As they all are of the same age so they understand each other thoughts and many other things. They find that many things are common and they understand each other easily. The chemistry of the cast showed in the drama. That’s why they can easily make it possible. We will update you with more information later on. Till then stay connected with us for more latest updates.


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