Today in this blog we are talking about the Juwai Teer lottery. Which is one of the popular lottery? The Juwai Teer is a sports lottery which is totally base on the performance in Archery. And the lottery played is conducted by the Khasi Hills. Which is a group of Shillong particular 12 localities? Every day the 50 Archers shoots 3:50 PM and on the other side 4:25 PM, the 20 arrows play by the participators.

Juwai Teer Result

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Juwai Teer Result – Juwai Latumbai and Ladrymbai Result Today

The Juwaai Teer is one of the entertaining lottery betting amusements that are basic. There is a target of the game, they mention the 2 number of arrows that hit the target. For the example in the off chance that 1,568 arrows hit the target, the lottery winning number 1,568 and 68 is the last two-digit number.

The Juwai Teer results can be found online on

There are a large number of authorized Teer Betting counters operational over the state. Every morning from 10 AM to 3:30 PM the lottery tickets are sold. The general public is bet on the 0 to 999 number. Also, at 3:30 pm starts the archery starts, where the archery shoots at the given target of the lottery.

The result of the lottery of the first round is declared at 3:50 and the second round result is declared at 4:25. A person who plays the lottery can win after Re 1 bet and get Rs 80 and in the second round what they invest Re 1 and win Rs 60. If the player guesses the perfect digits in the first and second round, it is called “forecast” and then if the guess is correct so the winning amount is much higher- as high as Rs 4,000 for every Rs 1 wagered. For much long time, archery is the most popular game in the Khasi clan Meghalaya. For more information about the Teer, lottery follow our blog and stay connected with us.


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