Unfortunately, On 9 October 2020, there is something happened which is really worst in this year. The incident is really shameful for the criminals and they should feel guilty about it and the Government should take action but still, there is no update regarding this incident. Government officials and other religion Supporters silent at this moment, nobody wants to raise an issue about this. No, any news website covers this incident because this incident does not carry spices for TRP.

Rajasthan Priest Burnt Alive; Land is the reason - OIB News

In this article the more we write, the more is less because it is an incident which is beyond humanity. As per the Information In Karauli, Rajasthan, some land mafia people burnt a Pujari alive. He can’t survive anymore and dies today in the hospital. As per doctors, he was burnt mercilessly by those criminals. It is such an unacceptable case against Hindu religion.

The incident happened due to Babu Pujari resisted an attempt by the land mafia to encroach upon land that belongs to temple, succumbed to his injuries. “Unless the strict action Nothing will change”.

But the most disrespected thing is nobody demanding justice for that innocent Hindu temple Pujari. On the other hand, there are many cases which actually fake but although everyone raises issues like this is critical incident ever.

Hindu’s Should wake up or else it will become late action. Previously we know two sadhus are beaten by a group of people and they have died. Now, the question is rising how long it will run and how much time it takes to protect Hindu’s in India.

Sadly I have to say that Now every religion is unsafe an except Hindu’s. Everyone has sympathy with Muslims, Christians, Dalit’s and so on but what about Sanatan Dharma and Sadhu’s which is most priorities priest in Hindu’s Sanatan Dharm.

People should remember if there was Brahmin as Sudama, So there was also one more Brahmin as Parshuram. Everything is going fine until a Brahmin as Sudama, Nobody should provoke him to be Parshuram.


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