The fantastic match of Argentina Superliga 2021 is on the way because two teams of the league are ready to play another match of this league. Fans are going excited about this match because both teams are opposite from each other and playing amazing gameplay for a long time.

jus vs cor

Many matches have already been played in this league and many are still left to take place. Tonight, we will get to see two teams of the league and those are team Defensa y Justicia (JUS) and team Talleres Cordoba (COR). Both teams have also played too many matches and it will be the 14th match of the league.

JUS vs COR Live Score

You can also watch this match that will be streamed online on various platforms such as Youtube and many more streaming platforms. Well, some of the fans are searching for the best picks of the league because they want to play Dream11 Prediction that makes some money for them and they can also win a huge amount.

So, with the best picks, we will provide you some important information about the match such as time, date, venue, league, squad, and many more things. Along with this, the match will be interesting because both teams team are opposite from each other and play this amazing match.

JUS vs COR: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Defensa y Justicia (JUS) vs Talleres Cordoba (COR)
  • League:- Argentina Superliga 2021
  • Venue:- Norberto Tomaghello, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Date:- Tuesday, October 05, 2021
  • Time:- 02:30 AM IST

JUS vs COR: Team Squad

Defensa y Justicia (JUS):- Rodrigo Contreras, Francisco Pizzini, Raúl Loaiza, Ezequiel Unsain, Hugo Fernández, Manuel Duarte, Tomás Sosa, Gabriel Altamirano, Mirko Pagani, Leonardo Escalante, Gabriel Hachen, Nicolás, Hugo Silva, Ezequiel Cannavo, Facundo Romero, Leandro Parada, Rodolfo Rotondi, Agustín Sienra, Enzo Avalos, Alexis Soto, Nicolas Tripichio, Facundo Cozzi, Valentino Vitetta, Mariano Pieres,  Adonis Frias, Miguel Merentiel, Lautaro Amade, Maximiliano Luayza, Juan Rodríguez, Tomás Cuscueta, Walter Bou, Tomás Cardona, Marcelo Benitez, Tomás Ortiz, Kevin Lencina, Joel Luquez, Tomás Escalante, Facundo Gutiérrez, Marcos Ledesma, Lucas Barrios, Juan Pablo Tomicich, Walter Chávez, Braian Rivero, Franco Paredes, Luciano Miño, Lautaro Fedele, Facundo Echevarría, Tomás Martínez, Matias Rodriguez, Nazareno Colombo, and Maximiliano Princich.

Talleres Cordoba (COR):- Carlos Auzqui, Rodrigo Villagra, Gastón Torres, Gonzalo Rodriguez, Juan Komar, Rafael Pérez, Joaquín Blázquez, Cristian Luduena, Guido Herrera, Renzo Paprelli, Mateo Jose Mamani, Guilherme Parede, Laureano Lezcano, Mateo Retegui, Mauro Ortíz, Rodrigo Córdoba, Diego Valoyes, Federico Torres, Michael Santos, Francis Mac Allister, José Romero, Enzo Díaz, Diego García, Agustin Venezia, Julian Velázquez, Juan Cruz Esquivel, Juan Mendez, Matias Sosa, Julian Malatini, Nahuel Tenaglia, Ángelo Martino, Samuel Sosa, Héctor Fertoli, and Maximiliano Alvez.

JUS vs COR: Probable Lineups Player

Defensa y Justicia (JUS):- Franco Paredes, Gabriel Hachen, Alexis Soto, Adonis Frias, Rodolfo Rotondi, Nazareno Colombo, Ezequiel Unsain, Facundo Gutiérrez, Francisco Pizzini, Walter Bou, and Nicolas Tripichio.

Talleres Cordoba (COR):- Rafael Pérez, Enzo Díaz, Carlos Auzqui, Diego Valoyes, Nahuel Tenaglia, Juan Komar, Rodrigo Villagra, Juan Mendez, Guido Herrera, Héctor Fertoli, and Michael Santos.

JUS vs COR: Match Prediction

The match is about to start within a few hours and fans are excited to watch this match on the football ground. Well, there are many things that will be seen including skills and strategies so, you can watch this match full of joy. Team JUS is standing on 20th place with 13 matches in which they won 3 matches and lost 4 matches.

On the other side, team COR is standing on the 2nd spot with 13 matches in which they won 9 matches and lost just 2 matches. Well, the experts also revealed that team COR has more chances to win this match against a rival team.


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