WATCH: Juri Vips Video F1 Test Driver Suspended Over Racial Slur Video: If you are a fan of Juri Vips, so this will be a piece of bad news for you. A statement has come related to him, after which he becomes the trending news. As Juri Vips is a racing driver is now in the controversy. He has gained popularity at just the age of 21 but now he is suspended by Red Bull Racing on Tuesday. If you want to know what is that news. We have mentioned the whole news in this article. So go through the whole article to know about him. Follow More Updates On

Juri Vips Video

Who Is Juri Vips?

Juri Vips is now 21 years old and come into the controversy. A piece of news came that Red Bull Racing has suspended him from all the duties as they know about a video which got viral and they made actions on that video which can spoil his career. They suspended him till the full investigation as said by the team of Red Bull. After which Juri Vips wrote an apology and said he is sorry for what he did and he will cooperate with the investigation If you want to know what video are we talking about we have mentioned it in the next paragraph.

Juri Vips Video

In the video, it is seen that he is live-streaming a popular game ‘ Call Of Duty, and said the word ‘bitch n*****’ after which some of the players who were playing with him responded and said Jury. This video then got viral on Facebook & Twitter. The Red Bull Team said he said the racial slur which is intolerant and as they are an organization they will not accept this type of behavior and they have a zero-tolerance policy for this. As we know last time he drove the Red Bull formula car for the practice on Friday.

Juri Vips Slur Video Explained

After which he wrote on Instagram that he believed that this behavior of him is not acceptable and he will wait for the final judgment. His language doesn’t portray the value & beliefs I keep with myself. He regrets his actions and this is not the example he wants to set for everyone. People are also blaming him for his bad behavior and tweeting for him and some are in support of him and trying to save him. But at last, it all depends on the final judgment. As he also asked for an apology this will make a positive impact on him. So stay connected for more latest information.


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