In World Championship International Handball League -2021 Angola (AGL) will be run-in against the team Japan (JPN) in the preliminary round. So first talk about our dream team Japan (JPN) which belongs to Group-C. They have played two matches and victorious they have secured the third position in the league.Jpn Vs AGL Live Score Men's World Championship Dream11 Prediction Team Squad Preview & Lineup

JPN vs AGL live score

Match: JPN vs AGL, WCIH league 2020-2021
Date: Tuesday, January 19, 2021
Time: 08:00pm
Venue: Europe

JPN vs AGL Match Review

The total matches have been played by this team where they lost one match and one they won. There are two matches they have played. In the first match, they played opposite team Croatia on January 15th, where they managed to score 29 goals. The Croatia team played very well and splendidly scored the same score 29. In the end, they declared the draw for both teams. In the second match, they played against the team Qatar (QAT) on January 17th. The Qatar team flourished to score 31 goals while Japan scored 29 goals which shows the team has to perform better as compared to their previous matches. Now it would be interesting to see who will secure their position in the league Group-C.

Team Season Record

JPN- W-1, L-1
AGL- W-0, L-2

JPN vs AGL Match Prediction

The second team is Angola (AGL) which participated in World Championship League Handball – 2021. This team also belongs to Group-C. Today’s match prediction will be for the team Angola (AGL). AGL also belongs to Group-C. This team has also played two matches in the championship. In the first match, they played to compete with team Qatar (QAT) on January 15th, where team Qatar managed to score 30 goals. And unfortunately, team Angola scored 25 goals. It clearly shows that team Angola lost on team Qatar. On 17th January Angola team played their second match against Croatia.

Team Angola scored 20 goals in that match and the opponent team has scored 28 goals. Team Angola (AGL) lost both matches of this tournament. But it is not easy to predict who is going to win this match as both teams are having the capabilities to win this game. This is the first time when these teams are going to play against each other. This is going to be a major part of sports news. If we predict their winning on the basis of their previous matches then Japan is going to grab this opportunity. Apart from this to know more about upcoming matches keep in touch with us.


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