A Delhi court on Wednesday acquitted former journalist Priya Ramani for sexual harassment charges against former Union Minister MJ Akbar, saying that a woman has the right to file her complaint even after several years. The verdict, which was expected to be heard earlier at 2 pm, was delayed after the judge needed to rectify his decision. The court refers to ancient epics ‘Mahabharata’ and ‘Ramayana’ in the judgment because the court wants to show the importance of the dignity of women. Also, the court ashamed after knowing that such incidents were happening in the country after knowing everything about our traditions.

Priya Ramani

While announcing the result, the court said that “Most women do not talk about the sexual harassment due to stigma that surrounds it. Sometimes even the victim does not understand what is happening. Despite going through extreme cruelty, they chose to stay quiet”. The court accepted the argument that Akbar was not a man of stellar and impeccable reputation and stated that the right to life cannot be weighed on the right to life of a woman. The matter was finally closed by the court by announcing a correct decision for the women.

It also griefed the absence of laws to protect the survivors of sexual harassment when the actual incident had happened. The court said that “Prior to the issuance of the Vishaka guidelines by the Supreme Court, they (survivors) did not have the option to lodge the complaint of sexual harassment due to social stigma”. The actual matter was Ramani has made an allegation to Akbar of sexual misconduct when the Meetoo movement going on its peak. Akbar forcefully sexually harassed her when she was called to an interview in December 1993.

Due to this strong allegation, MJ Akbar had to leave the Union Cabinet on October 17, 2018. Also, the matter has become so big when Akbar filed a complaint against Ramani to defaming him. Senior advocate Rebecca John was appearing for Ramani, while Geeta Luthra was for the former union minister. So, the court finally announced the clear decision by giving a grant to Ramani. All the people who know about the matter are waiting for the decision and now the final decision announced by the court. Stick with us for more details and genuine information related to the recent topics.


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