Who Is Joshua Graves? Jasmine Ready Killer Suspect Identified – Age, Photos, and, more!: Recently we have been informed that Joshua Graves who was charged with several felony charges for stabbing a mother and her two children last week has passed away. According to the source, the police shot him dead when he refused to put down the knife which he used to kill a mother and her two daughters. After giving him prior warnings and threats police shot him dead. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Joshua Graves
Jasmine Ready

Who Is Joshua Graves?

Bit recently it has come known that Joshua Graves had developed a romantic interest in one of the victims. In addition, Joshua Graves was charged with stalking a few days ago. Meanwhile, CBC News revealed that he was also charged with sexual assault. Here we have come up with ample updates regarding Joshua Graves’s case. You are advised to fetch the information by reading down it till the last word of the page.

Jasmine Ready Killer Suspect Joshua Graves

Joshua Graves was 21 years old when he was shot by police. Police claimed that he allegedly denied throwing the knife after the attack. Following the arrest of Joshua Graves, the Ottawa police revealed the identities of the victims. As per the latest report, the first victim was 50 years old named Anne Marie Ready who was a trade commissioner for the Global Affairs Department, the second victim of Joshua Graves’s attack was identified as Jasmine Ready who was 15 years old daughter of Anne Marie Ready.

Anne Marie’s 15 years old daughter Jasmine Ready completed 10th standard at Catholic Franco Cite High School recently. Meanwhile, the eldest daughter of Anne Marie survived the attack of Joshua Graves. Catherine Ready is 19 years old and she is the eldest daughter of her mother. Catherine graduated last year from Franco Cite. What did CBC reveal about Joshua Graves and his relationship with the victim’s daughter? Let’s read this information in the next section. Have a look below.

Joshua Graves Arrested

According to the statement released by CBC, Joshua Graves had romantic feelings for one of the daughters of Anne Marie. Joshua Graves was also warned to stop contacting Anne’s daughter but he kept what he liked. On Monday, the police officers arrived around 10:30 PM at 1273 Anoka St. after getting a call from the scene. When police arrived at the scene they found Joshua Graves with a knife and Katherine injured in the street. Police officers asked him to put down the knife but he dis show any intention to surrender and put down the knife.


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