Who Is Joshua Danehower? Arrested Over 33-year-old Murder: This is shocking and stunning to know that a man entered a house and shot multiple gunfires at the house owner and fled the scene. We are feeling frightening for the family of Gret Glyer who is the victim. According to the source, a man shot him multiple times and killed him while he was sleeping peacefully at his home. According to the source, this matter took place on Wednesday. And the victim or Gret Glyer was pronounced dead at the scene on Wednesday. But who is the perpetrator and who is Gret Glyer? These are the two most asked questions since this news has been started making rounds on news channels and social media. In the further sections of Gret Glyer’s murder case news, you will get the answers to these questions. Kindly scroll down the page and take a look below for more details. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Josh Danehower

Who Is Joshua Danehower?

Gret Glyer was a website developer by profession and he was a resident of Fairfax, VA. And he was killed on Wednesday, 29th June 2022. Gret Glyer is said to be 32 years when he was shot multiple times at his home. Is there any report about the suspect’s arrest or identity? Yes, we have got an update about the arrest of the suspect or perpetrator. You will get the detail of Gret Glyer’s murderer in the next section. Before this, we have to give you some bits of information about Gret Glyer. Gret was the founder of a fundraising website.

Joshua Danehower Arrested

Gret was killed around 3 AM in his home located in the 9800 block of Bolton Village. The incident happened when he was sleeping with his wife. However, his wife did not sustain any injury and his children are also safe. The perpetrator left the scene immediately after the shooting event. Gret Glyer was a husband to his wife and father of his two children. Let’s learn about the killer of Gret Glyer.

Shortly after the murder of Gret Glyer police reported that they have arrested a man who is the prime suspect in Gret’s murder. The arrested man is identified as Josh Danehower who is 33 years old and hails from Arlington. Currently, Josh Danehower is facing the charges of Gret’s murder and other felony charges. He was scheduled to appear in the court on the same day of the event. Stay connected with us for more details.


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