Who Is Jonathan Sapirman? Greenwood Mall Suspect Details: On Monday, July 21, Jonathan Sapirman was accused of trying to kill three people and hurting two other people at Greenwood Park Mall in the United States of America. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Jonathan Sapirman

Who is Jonathan Sapirman?

Jonathan Sapirman who was only around 20 years old was being searched by the Police for multiple charges. The man had fired almost 24 rounds, and fortunately, he was killed by a Good Samaritan’s quick action. He was a man from one of the cities in the United States of America. According to the sources, Jonathan Sapirman was having a history of juvenile assault at his school, it was known after the recent cases of the man were reached to the court. When Jonathan Sapirman went into custody, the mother of the man took him out with an amount and started to work as a nurse.

Jonathan Sapirman came from a bit poor family as the father of the man divorced his wife, and asked his wife to leave his house along with the children. Later, the mother of the man started to live in a shelter with her children, and after some time of living in the shelter, the children got involved in criminal activities.

Jonathan Sapirman on social media platforms

Just before a few days of writing this article, Jonathan Sapirman started to trend on social media platforms with some of his photos. All the pictures that got spread on social media platforms can be seen that Jonathan Sapirman has carried some weapons that are not legal for a normal individual in the United States of America to carry. However, the Police have not confirmed whether the photos that are in circulation on social media platforms are of Jonathan Sapirman or not.

Statement by the Mayor Mark W. Myers

Mayor Mark W. Myers released a statement on July 18 through social media platforms and said, that the name of the mass shooter is Jonathan Douglas Sapirman. The Mayor thanked the Good Samaritan’s quick action to catch the culprit and hit him with the gun that he kept for security reasons after permission from the high court, but the guns were not allowed for anyone to carry inside the mall. The name of the Good Samaritan is Elisjsha Dicken.

Mayor Mark W. Myers said that till the time of writing this article, four people have lost their lives and two got injured. The injured people include a 12 years old girl who has got some minor injuries, and the girl is totally fine.


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