Johnny Depp Paul Mccartney Video plays during Glastonbury headline set: On 25th June 2022, Saturday Paul McCartney took over the stage at the Glastonbury to perform a song that he dedicated to his wife who was watching and enjoying his performance from the audience. But the highlighted moment of the Saturday night was when Paul McCartney played a video on a jumbo screen in which he was being seen with Hollywood star Johnny Depp. The audience got fascinated after seeing the clip of Paul McCartney and Johnny Depp and now those who have missed the show are eager to explore the event. Netizens are also curious to know if Paul McCartney also said something over Johnny Depp’s recently closed legal lawsuit against Amber Heard. Meanwhile, we have prepared this article after doing a deep study on it. It will only consume a while so keep reading it and must follow every particular of this column. Kindly scroll down the page. Follow More Updates On

Johnny Depp Paul Mccartney Video

Johnny Depp Paul Mccartney Video

Paul McCartney performed his years-old song titled “My Valentine” and he dedicated it to his wife named Nancy. Nancy enjoyed the former Beatles legend from the audience seats. He played the clips of this song on a big screen that featured the actor Johnny Depp and Paul McCartney, both were lip-syncing the lyrics of the song in sign language. Kindly read more about this news in the next section.

As many people were speculating that Paul McCartney would many comments or give any statement on Johnny Depp’s recently closed legal suit against his ex-wife Amber Heard. But Mr. Paul did not do the same while many people still speculated that that was a sign of Paul McCartney’s support for the Pirates of the Caribbean actor. However, Mr. Paul only showed clips of his song in which his best friend Johnny Depp was lip-syncing the lyrics of My Valentine song along with the former legend of the Beatles. Kindly have a look below to get more about Paul McCartney’s recent performance.

Following the performance of Paul McCartney at Glastonbury, a Twitter user quoted Twitter, “I love Mr. paul, the Beatles were always playing in my home, I grew up listening to the Beatles and I can not get it out of my brain that Paul McCartney is a Johnny Depp supporter.” It is certain and apparent that Paul McCartney and Johnny Depp both are prolonged friends and support each other in every situation.


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