Who Is Joel Cutler and why was Granite Hills Teacher Arrested In Ohio?: If you wondering what this news is about don’t worry we will give detailed information on this news. As we know sexual assault cases coming in series and these types of cases are increasing day by day. This person Joel Cutter is also one of them who took the advantage and did many crimes with girls and others too. He is a man who is a resident of Upper Arlington, Ohio. If we tell you his profession you will be shocked, As he was the gym teacher of an Upper Arlington Elementary School and also a football coach. Can you think how much stress and pressure she was dealing with? Let’s know if she gets the justice or not? Follow UptoBrain.com For More Updates

Granite Hills Teacher Arrested

Who Is Joel Cutler?

This all starts with a letter as a letter was sent to this school by the parents of that girl. This letter was sent on Tuesday and it was mentioned in the letter that Joel has done sexual harassment & rape the victim. The girl with whom these things happened was just 12- years at that time. This was happening from 2000 to 2003 with her. All this was informed to the authorities of the school but they said after some years he left the school by taking leave on administrative leave and maybe he get aware of this report and left the school and didn’t contact anyone.

Granite Hills Teacher Arrested

As per police reports, From 2014 to 2018 he was the football coach at Upper Arlington and after that, he worked in Bishop Ready. After that, a letter was issued to the victim parent’s that Cutler is now suspended and we didn’t give him the salary. They are shattered that their school student had to suffer from these things and for how long she dealt with these things. We salute her courage that she now come front and shared this with us said by Paul Imhoff.

Joey worked as a teacher and according to the school, they paid him $101,458. This amount is high as compared they paid to other teachers and  53.9 % higher than the national average government employee. This data is now making for investigation on the school too. Police are saying that he is not presented in any of the matches since 2021, we are trying to find him and will try our best to give justice to that girl and the others with whom he did the same. For more information & latest updates stay connected with us.


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