Basketball is one of the craziest sport for many years and there are millions of basketball lovers around the globe. Currently the tournament CBA League at the corner and planning to refresh the thriller again with a marvelous fixture between Jilin Northeast Tigers (JNT)and Zhejiang Guangsha Lions (ZL). According to the news the match will take place at 05:05 PM on Thursday, 21 January 2021. Here we want to tell you all the necessary details regarding the match. The upcoming information will include key players, lineups, and other key factors. which gonna help you to predict the winner of this ongoing fixture.

CBA League 2021

JNT vs ZL Live Score

Match: Jilin Northeast Tigers (JNT) vs Zhejiang Guangsha Lions (ZL)
League: CBA League 2020-21
Date: Thursday, January 21, 2021
Time: 05:05 PM
Venue: China

JNT vs ZL Match Preview

So far both teams earned a huge fan following around the world and they played many brilliant matches. Throughout the last recent matches, Jilin Northwest Tigers (JNT) Won 2 matches and lost 3 matches, unfortunately. Due to this type of gameplay the team caught everyone’s attention. But Zhejiang Guangsha Lions (ZLN) continuing the journey with 4 winnings and 1 lost the match from the last five games. After observing the last five game stats, We have many points to predict the upcoming performance of both teams. To know we need to move forward below in this article.

Team Season Record

Jilin Northeast Tigers: W – 2, L – 3
Zhejiang Guangsha Lions: W – 4, L – 1

JNT vs ZL – Probable Lineups

Jilin Northeast Tigers: JinMing Cui, Weize Jiang, Huaibo Dai, Jiang Yuxing, Dominique Jones

Zhejiang Guangsha Lions: Sun Minghui, Feng Xin, Miroslav Raduljica, Jinqiu Hu, Yanhao Zhao

JNT vs ZL Match Prediction

On the basis of the above-mentioned details and key features. We have many key points to predict the one as the upcoming expected winner of the JNT vs ZL basketball match. So according to our assumptions, ZL could be the winner. Although the actual will be shown after the match definitely. It is the most fabulous and fantastic match ever, you should watch this match with your family and friends. To know the future updates regarding forthcoming basketball matches of CBA League 2020-21, so please bookmark the website immediately.


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