In Jammu, a Naib Tehsildar passed away due to COVID-19. Naib Tehsildar Abdul Gani passed away on Wednesday morning and the Cross Town News urged the public to stay safe at home and do not step out of the house until it’s urgent to go out. Jammu and Kashmir government has extended the corona curfew till 10th May including the district Srinagar and Jammu. The state has registered the new 99 cases of COVID-19 and three deaths in the last 24 hours. The Jammu division has recorded 24 new cases and the Kashmir division recorded 75 cases. The reports have stated that the Srinagar district also recorded 42 cases of COVID-19. The remaining district has not registered any new cases till Sunday.

Naib Tehsildar Passes Away

Jammu and Kashmir government has extended the “Corona curfew” till the 10th of May. The third phase of vaccination has been started in Jammu and Kashmir. Now people of age above 18 are eligible for the vaccination from 1st May. The new 75,00 doses have been received from Hyderabad. The administration has instructed the people to get themselves registered for the vaccine and also said that people who are not registered will not be vaccinated. There will be 10 vaccination centers in Srinagar where the third phase of vaccination has started. The number of active cases in the Union territory is 881 and the number of recovered patients is 1,24,680.

The death rate in Jammu and Kashmir is 1,974. The officials have said that the amount of vaccine is sufficient as the people arrived in less number, but they have increased the amount of vaccination from the last few days as the footfall has been increased. The 10 established centers will be taking care of people 18 to 45 who get vaccinated. They have also requested them to get registered so they can get the vaccination as soon as possible. People can get themselves registered on the CoWin App and Umang APp to take the appointment according to their convenience. The Shrinagar DC has stated that there is over 2.3

million people have been vaccinated in Jammu and Kashmir and the demand has been increased due to the footfall of people of age 18 to 45 years. This age group vaccination is started form 1st of May and they need more vaccine, so they can vaccinate them within a short span. As the second dose has also given to the senior citizens. This vaccination process will be completed at the end of July month. They have appreciated the efforts of nurses working in the established center to vaccinate people. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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