Indian business tycoon and Reliance Industrialist chairman Mukesh Ambani announced special news about JioPhone. According to the latest info, Reliance Jio is all set to move forward to the next step and create the more advanced features in India’s most affordable 4G phone for rural as well as urban areas. However, the motive to offer low-cost connectivity has already given by Jio through JioPhoen. But now Chairman Mukesh Ambani is decided to bring JioPhone Next as the biggest move in this mobile phone.

JioPhone Next 'most affordable smartphone in india

It is the biggest disclosure regarding JioPhone and the launch will take place in few days. Recently Reliance Jio has a partnership with Google which is the biggest search engine today. Currently, almost 80-90 percent population using Google for search and even using various other products of Google.

The company has announced that the new Jio Smartphone will bring many amazing features in this price segment and becomes the cheapest smartphone not only in India but even in this world.

JioPhone Next will be available in the market and on Jio official stores from September 10, 2021. It will be served first to India and then available to the rest of the world.

On the basis of the information, JioPhone Next is a smartphone that will come with the entire suite of apps and will support Google apps from the Android Play Store. Definitely, it will cut the barrier and help this smartphone to reach more users across the world. Somewhere, a small portion not used JioPhone due to low storage but now it going to be a huge change in this Device.

The first look has been shared by Mukesh Ambani in the AGM meeting and as per the image JioPhone, Next has a full touch display with a side placed power and volume buttons. Even it will support voice assistant. However, the previous version of JioPhone also supports the same feature. It looks slim and attractive, although the product is yet to come into the market. The actual review will be definitely come after the launch. If we talk about the price then JioPhone Next Price details still need some clarification and currently, there is not enough to represent this info.


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