What Happened To Jimmy Lin? Car Accident Video Explained: Fans of Taiwanese singer Jimmy Lin have been worried after reading his accident news. Yes, the popular Taiwanese singer Jimmy Lin was involved in an automobile accident recently. Since netizens have heard the news of Jimmy Lin’s accident they are eager to learn the detailed article. And we have prepared this blog comprehensibly after doing a deep study on it. According to the source, singer Jimmy Lin was not alone when he struck. Reportedly, Jimmy Lin and his son were both in the car when their car raged into a road divider. There are ample details to know in this news. Keep reading this article for more details. Scroll down the page for more. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Jimmy Lin Car Accident video

What Happened To Jimmy Lin?

As per the source, singer Jimmy Lin was involved in a road accident on Friday 22nd July 2022 when he was driving his White Tesla car with his son inside the car. Furthermore, he was involved in a car accident in Taoyuan City. As per the reports, Jimmy Lin’s White Tesla car was believed to have rage into a road divider and caught fire. Yes, a Tesla car caught fire shortly after hitting a road divider. This news also has stirred up Tesla fans. As Tesla Cars come with lots of promises and safety features this news has sparked questions about Tesla’s safety features. KIndly shift down to the next section to read if singer Jimmy Lin and his son are ok or not.

Jimmy Lin Car Accident Video

According to the source, both Jimmy Lin and his son got injured after involving in the accident. They were pulled out by the bystanders just before the car caught fire and burst into flames. An eye-witness said that singer Jimmy Lin was covered in blood but his son did not sustain any visible and major injury but he was seeming to be shocked by the accident. Get more about this news in the next section.

On Friday singer Jimmy Lin’s agency released a statement to address the news, the statement revealed that Jimmy Lin suffered from several fractures but he has been admitted to a hospital where he is receiving extensive care. Jimmy Lin is widely famous for his songs like Not Every Long Song Has Fond Memories, Why Am I Always Hurt, Summer Of 92, and many more. He is also often called by his nickname The Little Whirlwind. Jimmy Lin made his singing debut in 1992. Stay tuned to this page.


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