Recently, a piece of shocking news broke out in front of everyone in which people stated that singer JI Prince has been passed away. Ever since the news come into the headlines, uncounted people got upset and shared their emotional messages for the legendary singer. Along with lots of tributes, many people are seeking the truth behind the incident because there is no official statement has come in relation to this news.

ji prince

Still, the topic is considered to be the subject of discussion among the people, and many people continuously reacting to it. Apart from these tributes, his family doesn’t share any message or news of this incident.

Is New York Rapper JI Prince Dead Or Alive?

So it is not yet clear whether this news is true or fake. Talking about the fresh reports then the news of JI Prince’s death is just a rumor. He shared his statement to make his fans aware of the truth. He came out to give the clarifications so early because some of his fans who love him a lot start paying tributes to him.

When he gets that, he thinks to reveal the truth as soon as possible. Along with it, he revealed the truth because the incident become very viral and several people joined with this news that Ji Prince has passed away.

Let us tell you that Ji Prince is an American Singer Rapper, and Songwriter. Talking about his real name then his real name is Justin Irvin Rivera. He was born on 23rd September 2001 and he is currently 20 years old belongs to Brooklyn, New York City.

He is a very well-reputed singer in the genres of hip hop, Trap, R&B, labels Interscope, Geffen and G.Starr. He was raised in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and is Puerto Rican. Just because of his singing talent, he holds a very huge fanbase all around the world.

The rumors that floating on several social media platforms are fake that JI Prince has passed away. The American rapper and singer is well and alive. He self denies that all the rumors are fake and many people start praying for his good health and long life. Just after the rumor hit the internet, several fans shared a wave of sorrow.

The news was actually shocking and many people got very upset after hearing this fake rumor. The American rapper and singer is alive and healthy. So, the rumor of the death of JI Prince is fake and everyone gets happy after hearing this confirmed news.


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