Again, a shameful incident is being heard from a village in India, from which it can be seen that now, there is no humanity in the people. A video was seen on the Internet that shows some villagers from Dumka district of Jharkhand stripped a woman and also, paraded her naked in the village after her illegitimate relationship with a married man came into the limelight, the reports said.

Jharkhand Woman Thrashed

The video went viral on social media and many people reacted hate on this video and many reports were filed against the crime that happened in the video.

The arrest has been made on this crime and almost six-person has been arrested by police in the connection with the incident. Now, they are in the custody under the Ranishwar police station area of Dumka this Wednesday. As per the police investigation, the woman was already married eloped with some other man, and later, the family of the man’s wife caught her handed and thrashed her on Wednesday.

Later, another villager looked at her and she was stripped and paraded naked in the whole village wearing a garland of shoes on her neck. As per the reports of police, the woman also alleged that Rs. 25,000 was also snatched from her at the time she was being beaten.

Many tweets can be seen on the Internet that claims that it was a horrifying crime in India that happens with many woman and man in villages. One of Twitter account wrote,” six people were arrested in connection with the incident that happened in Ranishwar police station area of the district, police said”. Not only this, many more crimes have reported in the past years that claims these kinds of the incident with women.

Now, police are investigating the case more deeply and searching for something suspicious in the case. Along with this, the FIR has been registered against those people under IPC section 504 (intentional insult with intent to provoke the peace), 148 (rioting), 506 (Threatens another with any injury to his person), 379 (theft), and 354 (Assaulting).

While police reports say that 12 people including the man and his wife’s name have in the FIR. In a short time, six people have been apprehended and police are tracing some other suspect who relates to this case. Many more related cases have been seen on the Internet in the past few years.


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