The Jharkhand government has announced that 8 lakh students of class 9th to 11th will be promoted directly without exams due to COVID-19. A notification has been issued by the Director of Secondary Education Mr. Harsh Mangla and advisory to all DCs of Jharkhand state to promote the students of class 9th to 11th due to the pandemic in the state. This academic session of class 9th to 11th has taken a few classes so a large number of students has been promoted without an exam. The schools have decided to reopen the classes earlier but due to the rise in COVID-19 cases, the government announced the lockdown and closed the schools.

Jharkhand Promoted 8 lakh Students of Class 9 to 11

The final exams of classes 9th and 11th were supposed to be conducted in March but as per government rules, they asked teachers to conduct online classes to teach students. Due to the sudden rise in COVID-19 cases, the schools were closed and online examination wasn’t a solution to it. So the schools decided to promote more than 8 lakh students without exams. There is still not any information to reopen the schools in Jharkhand. Two months of proceeding with the new academic session of 2021-22, the Jharkhand government predicts that the students of class 9th

and 11th, if not promoted to the next class, will not be able to prepare for the 10th and 12th class board exams. The decision has been taken after examine the COVID-19 situation in the state. So the government has decided to promote the students directly and relieved them of sufficient time to prepare for the board examination. The students who have been promoted to 10th and 12th classes can attend the online classes to prepare for exams. Many states have announced that the students of 9th and 11th will b promoted for the 2021 session. There is a number of COVID-19 cases increasing in the state every day.

More than 1000 cases have been registered in Jharkhand on Monday. More than 4 lakh per day cases have been registered in a day and 2,15,000 people lost their lives. The health workers are providing masks and COVID-19 test kits. If any of the symptoms can be noticed by anyone they can reach out to their nearest COVID-19 health care center and take a coronavirus test. The government is also observing the “Seasthya Suraksha Spatah” with lockdown-like situations till 3rd June 2021. They have announced that the schools will not be reopened immediately. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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