Heartbeat heart and soul is a love story that is sacrificing love story that is sacrificing everything,

Karan Johar has produced this movie Karan Johar has already brought a new actor in this film. Karan Johar has come with Janhavi Kapoor, Janhavi looks like her mom she is the daughter of Sridevi. Janhavi is seen in every glimpse like her mom,
where is the glimpse of Sridevi now will appear in her daughter Janhavi,

Shashank Khaitan in the directing this movie. Ashutosh Rana it this movie he has worked with Ashutosh Rana before he is a very nice actor Shashank has said that he loves him very much, the actor’s rule was needed. he got the actor Shashank, he went to him and showed his script this is the film and Ashutosh has called them, yes Shashank has also
worked in the Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhnia and Badrinath ki Dulhania worked. and now Dhadak has worked in the film. too where in the film too where is the Dhadak movie is a romantic movie romance action is tremendous in this movie, the Dhadak movie is shooting in Rajasthan’s beautiful city of Udaipur as we all know that Sridevi’s Hindi was not much better.in the same way Hindi is also not good for her daughter, Janhvi also appeared in Rajasthani speaking in this movie Janhvi has worked hard to speak Rajasthani this movie is based on the Marathi film Sairat of Dhadak 2016 this is an upcoming movie,
this movie is guided by Shashank Khaitan. and in major roles, Ishan khattar and Janhvi Kapoor. the film is produced by dharma produced byproducts and G studio some pictures have come out from the twitter handle of dharma productions after performing the pooja
on the muhurta of the film and after that started shooting. this movie is being released on 20th July 2018 it is being said that Sridevi’s daughter is the first movie then the super- duper film is about to hit.


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