Who was Jerick Ternida and what was his cause of death? World Champion Bodybuilder Died At 35: We are here to share the death news of a famous body builder Jerick Ternida who died on 16th July 2022 at the age of 35. His death news has devastated his fans and people who know him. People got shocked when they came to know about his death news and they didn’t believe that this news is real. People are searching for his death news and want to know the cause of his death. If you are to know more about him and mainly the cause of his death so you are in a right place. Let’s find out more about him. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Jerick Ternida

Who was Jerrick Ternida?

He was born on 27th October 1971 and he was the most popular bodybuilder and also a fitness coach. He is the first who won the title of Mr. Phillippines eight times and this is a huge achievement. He is also known for his body which can easily mesmerize anyone. He was also known as Pinoy Arnold Schwarzenegger for his body. He had many championships at the state, national & international levels. He was awarded by National champion twice and Musclemania World Division Champion twice. He was also honored with the PSA award which is a great & huge achievement.

Jerick Ternida

Jerick Ternida Cause of Death

He was married to a beautiful woman and he was having a happy married life he was also blessed with two children named Romeo and Teddy Ternida. He also shared a picture of him with his wife the last week which got many likes & comments. His death has broken the happy family and now they have to manage this situation with a lot of guts & strength as it is tough to manage it all alone. Though people are coming forward to help him and his brothers and cousins are also with the family.

Jerick Ternida

How Did Jerick Ternida Die?

He died on 16th July 2022 and his death news was confirmed by his family on social media through people who came to know about this. As per the information first, he had some pain in his chest and he ignored it but the pain got worse he went to the hospital but he died on the spot because of a heart attack. One of his cousins wrote a long paragraph for him to share his feeling for him. He said he will be remembered as he bought many awards for his country and make proud. May Jerick Rest In Peace.


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