Dateline: Jennifer Schuett Attack and Assault Story Details Explained: The story of an eight-year-old Jennifer Schuett is going viral on the internet. A horrible incident happened to her and that incident changed her life. She now came forward and inspired others who survived the same incident. People are searching for her and want to know the story of what happened to her when she was eight years old. This story got so famous that Discovery came with her story with the title Married With Secrets: The Girl In The Window. If you are one of them who want to know about her scary life incident so you are in a right place. Follow More Updates On

Jennifer Schuett

Jennifer Schuett Assault & Attack Story

The story starts with an eight-year-old girl who went to her mother’s room at night but her mother told her to sleep in her room. She knows that a man will come and take her away. On 9th August an incident took place a man entered her room and take her with him. He sexually assaulted her and took a knife and it on her neck and her if she is scared or not. He choked the girl and left her on the field thinking she is dead.

She survived and went to the Police station and wrote the culprit’s name and a cigarette brand. As she was not able to speak for two days and when she was able to speak she told her story to them. The culprit’s name was Dennis Earl Bradford and he was arrested after 18 years as the DNA was matched with the attacker & his identity. Police officers collected all the information against him and now he is 40 years old. He accepted his crime and took his life in jail. Though she became infertile after the rape a Texas doctor helped her with in vitro-fertilization.

Where Is Jennifer Schuett Now?

She is now forty years old and she is married to Jonathan Martinez she is blessed with two children named Jonah & Jenna. Now, she is happy with her family but her past incident still haunts her but she always keeps patience and keeps calm and releases it. She is the strong girl who fought for her and helped to arrest that culprit. Now she takes sessions on how to deal with stress & anxiety and also helps people to cope with their emotions. Stay connected with us for more latest updates & information.


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