It’s a Wednesday, but K-Pop Industry is all set to give a piece of shocking news to all the fans. Earlier today, Dispatch Korea released illustrated evidence and a report about BIGBANG’s G Dragon and BLACKPINK Jennie’s secret relationship. Recently, Dispatch Korea revealed that two YG stars have been dating for a year and the news becomes a very shocking surprise for all the K-Pop fans. After hearing the perfect piece of information then fans have been trending “Jennie” and “G Dragon” on many social media platforms. The confirmation of the hidden relationship between Jennie and G Dragon revealed by YG Entertainment.

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Both the rappers dating each other at their luxurious penthouse in Hannam Dong. The owner of the penthouse is G Dragon, also, the personal parking lot and private elevator of G Dragon was allowed for Jennie to use without any verification. In an exclusive report of Dispatch Korea, it is also explained that Jennie completes her everyday schedule and activities in her group, BLACKPINK, and then she meets G Dragon every day. Relations in their company are an open secret and their respective managers coordinate their personal schedules in such a way that it allows them to meet each other in privacy.

Now, all the fans who know both personalities are shocked after knowing about the relationship between them. YG Entertainment, Jennie, and G Dragon’s agency commented that “We can not confirm anything about our artists’ personal lives. We ask for your understanding”. When BLACKPINK First online concert heading by Jennie then Dispatch Korea spotted Jennie leaving G Dragon home. After that Dispatch Korea focuses on Jennie and G Dragon. Now, they both are in a relationship for a year and living together in a hidden relationship.

All the fans are very shocked after knowing the interesting news about both personalities. Jennie appeared in many songs with G Dragon such as The XX, in his solo album One Of A Kind. She also participated in the lead role Black from her second regular album. The entire internet sensation becomes very high and everywhere many people and netizens talking about Jennie and G Dragon. So, if you want to know more interesting facts and details related to the recent topics then stick with us. We will update all the information here after confirming the news.


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