The British former socialite, Ghislaine Maxwell has been convicted on the Wednesday hearing of luring teenage girls for the sexual assault by the American financier millionaire Jeffrey Epstein. On this Thursday, December 30, the US prosecutors have decided to end the ongoing criminal case against the two jail guards of Manhattan who admitted to creating the false records on the night when Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide on their watch. During the hearing in Manhattan federal court on Thursday, the prosecutors asked the judges to dismiss the charges against Michael Thomas and Tova Noel.

Jeffrey Epstein Case Updates:

They both observed with the 6-month deferred prosecution agreements they got agreed on in the month of May this year. On August 10, 2019, Jeffrey Epstein was found hanging in the cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, when he was waiting for the trial for sex trafficking. Later, the incident was examined by New York’s city medical examiner and declared a suicide. Later, the guards named Noel and Thomas were accused of falling asleep and using the Internet that night instead of checking the cell of Jeffrey Epstein in every 30 minutes at the night.

Jeffrey Epstein Case Updates

They both admitted to having the false reports to show in the court that they were monitoring Jeffrey Epstein in the jail properly. Their deferred prosecution agreements required that they had to perform 100 hours for the community service and co-operate in the federal probe arising from the death of Jeffrey Epstein. William Barr was the US Attorney General at the time and he was angered because of this matter as such a high-profile prisoner was able to kill himself even knowing that he was in federal custody. He had been on a suicide watch the month before he died.

Montel Figgins, the lawyer of Thomas said that his client is happy after the dismissal and want to put this matter behind him. While the lawyer of Noel did not respond on this matter immediately. Epstein was a longtime associate, British Socialite Ghislaine Maxwell had been convicted on Wednesday for helping recruit and groom who were underage girls for Epstein to assault or abuse over the last decade.

Well, there is some expectations that Maxwell will appeal for her conviction. When the incident took place, many big faces came forward to support. Epstein had a big personality face and had friendships with some influential politicians and business tycoons and Maxwell. Pilots of the Epstein’s private jet took a witness stand and revealed the names of Britain’s Prince Andrew, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton who flew on the Private jets of Epstein.


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