The automobile showrooms across the country are closed due to Coronavirus. And, this is a fact, who would go out and buy a car at this time, even if they want to? But, there is no denial that in this phase, automobile dealers are suffering immensely with this shutdown, almost nil vehicles have been sold in the last month. Hence, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) India, the company has planned to recover from this loss and started focusing on online sales with the introduction of online retailing of Jeeps to customers amid lockdowns. Now the customers do not have to come to the showroom amid restrictions on movement, they can book a jeep sitting at home.

The company said in a statement that through its online ‘touch free’ facility, customers can book jeeps without visiting the showroom. For the test drive, a sanitized vehicle will be made available at the door of the house for the customers.

jeep touch free

FCA India Chairman and Managing Director Partha Dutta said that our commitment is to provide customers access to jeeps. We have started an online facility for the sale of jeeps in a healthy, safe and convenient way for the customers. He said that it will be very easy for customers to use this facility. You can book a jeep and take delivery of it only by staying at your home. Significantly, the sale of all automobile companies in April has been zero due to the lockdown.

If customers want to book Jeep digitally, first, visit their website at Then you have to provide information like contact details, location, vehicle variant, color, powertrain and transmission online. After this, you have to go to the online booking option and deposit the payment amount. After this process, a user ID of the customer will be created. Which will be sent to your city dealer. The dealer will then contact you. You can also opt for a test drive during the process.

Before that, Tata Motors had prepared a platform called ‘Click to Drive’ for online sale. At the same time, Hyundai has also launched the ‘Click to Buy’ platform. Whereas recently Honda Cars India has given a new option to customers through an online booking platform named “Honda from Home”. Sadly, in April 2020, not a single car has been sold. This is the first time in the history of the auto industry. Hence, companies are using these platforms to boost vehicle sales in the lockdown.


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