Who Is Jeann Lugo? Providence Police Officer Suspended After Punching Woman: Recently a video of the abortion protest surfaced on the internet showing the feud between two men in front of a woman who is said to be nonother than Jennifer Rourke who is seeking to battle for the Rhode Island Senate seat. But in this mess, a police officer of the Providence Police department has been suspended. The suspended officer is identified as Jeann Lugo. Since people have heard the news of Jeann Lugo’s suspension they have become curious to know what is the cause due to which he has to leave the office or duty. Now Jeann Lugo’s name is trending on the internet and what was his role in the abortion protest? There are several queries that we have to answer quickly in this column. Reportedly, Jeann Lugo addressed the matter, what did he say? Let’s learn this. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Jeann Lugo

Who Is Jeann Lugo?

As per the source, Jeann Lugo, the officer of the Providence Police Department is accused of allegedly assaulting a woman during the abortion protest and that is the reason he has been suspended from his post. According to a person who is familiar with the matter, this mess occurred on Saturday and a criminal investigation into this matter has opened. After the incident, the political cooperative president and senate nominee for the Rhode Island named Jennifer Rock accused Jeann Lugo of assaulting her during the protest.

Jeann Lugo Police Officer Accused Of Punching Woman

Jennifer Rock said to a journal of Providence that a police officer identified as Jeann Lugo slapped her at least two times. Meanwhile, the accused also addressed the matter and gave a statement to counter the allegations. Jeann Lugo spoke to a spokesperson for The Wall Street that he would not question the batting blames and he further added that it happened too fast. Keep reading to get more about this happening.

Is Police Officer Jeann Lugo Arrested?

Jeann Lugo further added, “as an officer, I have sworn to serve and protect our community, and I found myself in circumstances where no one should ever see themselves, I entered into the mess in order to protect a man who was being attacked by some instigators.” Meanwhile, a video also has surfaced on the internet for the same matter in which two people are fighting with each other and showing each other own physical strengths at the protest in front of a woman who is seeming to be the Republican nominee for the senate seat of Rhode Island.

We know social media fulfilled with the big and shocking news. Nowadays a piece of news is hitting the web and attracting people to the news. A police officer got suspended from the position because of his activity in the abortion march, name of the officer is Jeann Lugo. This name is getting viral on the web viral in a speedy manner. People are considering this news and they are trying to know about the news. Let us tell you he has put the step in the position of republican in Rhode Island however, has to drop out of the criminal inquiry. Read the article for the entire information. 

Jeann is a police officer, who has worked in the police department for about three years in the department. In recent times, he had to take a break from his reputed job because of the allegations and a criminal investigation. The allegation is he has punched chairwoman Rourke, and she has cleared her intention in the case. Several things remain to tell you about the news, which you will find in the next section of the article.

According to the report, In Providence Journal she has told Lugo about the assault. As an output, the case is considered by the Providence Police Department and the manner of the officer of the presentation at the Rhode Island State House. The officer accused and attempt the activity of assaulting the woman during the protest. Lugo left the position after attacking Jennifer Rourke. Before this, he was appealing to Republicans in Rhode Island and made the position official. Let us tell you she was the democratic contender of the Lugo. As per the information, the entire act was captured on the camera. As the output, he has been charged for his behavior. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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