Japan is to declare a state of emergency in the capital Tokyo and six other regions in an attempt to tackle the rapid spread of coronavirus, as informed by the President, Shinzo Abe. For a long time Japan was on good state of reducing the cases, but on Monday, the nation has discovered four new novel Coronavirus cases. Japan has a generally modest number of diseases contrasted with different nations, however there are concerns an abrupt flood in cases in Tokyo could prompt a significant flare-up in this city.

President Shinzo Abe declared on Monday that the government will launch a 108 trillion yen upgrade package. Japan’s largest ever and nearly twice as much as expected to help counter the economic impact of the pandemic, including cash payouts to households in need and budgetary help to secure organizations and businesses.

Japan Declares State of Emergency over covid 19

He further said that the experts of the task force requested him to declare a state of emergency, with the COVID-19 outbreak rapidly expanding in significant urban communities including Tokyo. The emergency clinics and clinical staff are overburdened with patients. The state of emergency will be imposed on cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka and four other hard-hit prefectures, like Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, and Hyogo. The emergency will be in effect for about a month with public transport and general stores remaining open, but requested people to practice social distancing and avoid going out.

On Monday, Abe said that the declaration will aim to raise public support and keep the healthcare system fully functional. He likewise said that lockdowns won’t be forced, as has been the situation in some other cities. The President had faced criticism earlier from the German and US governments and had been highly critical of Japan’s failure to enforce social distancing measures and not activating emergency measures earlier, as experts warned the true number of cases could be far higher than the official statistics suggest, due to a lack of widespread testing.

Japan has relatively less cases of pandemic, as compared to other countries. The health ministry there has affirmed 3,654 cases in Japan, including 84 passings, just as another 712 infections and 11 fatalities on a cruise ship that was quarantined on the dock of Yokohama in Tokyo earlier this year. Tokyo announced 83 new cases Monday for a prefectural aggregate of 1,116.


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