Jammu Kashmir is a very genuine place in India and it is also known as the Crown of India. All people want to visit the place once to spend their holidays. Recently polling for 43 constituencies of election for District Development Council in Jammu and Kashmir in the second phase will be held on Tuesday. The competition is between the newly launched People’s Alliance for the Guptar announcement. The Bharatiya Janata Party and the Apni Party subscribed to former finance minister Altaf Bukhari. The election in Jammu & Kashmir will be held on Tuesday and all the political parties are ready for the election.Jammu Kashmir Election Polls

The Election Commissioner of the Union Territory KK Sharma said that “Of the total 280 DDC constituencies in Jammu and Kashmir, 25 will go to Kashmir and 18 to the second phase of elections in Jammu.” The number of people who eligible for voting is 7.90 Lakh and a total of 142 polling stations have been set to ease of voting. All the people are capable to give their votes for their contestants. Every person’s vote will be count only once and you will also vote only once for one candidate. The first phase of voting for 43 seats was also held on Saturday. 51.76% turnout was recorded in this phase, official figures indicate.

The election in which 2146 polling stations have been set up will be held in a part of eight phases and go on till December 19. In the earlier statement, KK Sharma also said that “The first phase of DDC polls was held in 43 constituencies in all the 20 districts of the UT. No untoward incident was reported from anywhere barring a minor incident where a child threw a stone at a polling station in Kulgam. Police took cognizance”. Jammu & Kashmir will be going to choose its new DDC.

The counting of votes will be held on 22nd December 2020. These elections are being held for the first time after the violation of Article 370. The security was done in the last two days and all the precautions are taken by police officers in the places of polling stations. Jammu & Kashmir will be going to choose a new DDC and ready for the second phase. All the 7.90 Lakh people are ready to give their votes for the candidates.


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