Deep River CT: Who Is Jameson Chapman? Man Arrested For Pushing 11-year-old: There have been reports of verbal and physical abuse of a young teen who is only 11 years old. The news came from Main Street when it was about 6 PM on June 27. The man named Jameson Chapman was reported and is now in custody. He was a resident of the Deep River. The report was made by the victim’s mother when the young kid was attacked by an adult man who was allegedly riding his motorbike and was headed to Connecticut State Police Troop F. The man can be seen in a video where he was conversing with the youngster and was arguing with him telling him to leave the town. Follow More Updates On

jameson chapman deep river connecticut

Who Is Jameson Chapman?

That video was shared with the WFSB and spread like wildfire on social media. You can also see the youngster as he was getting pushed off the bike and thrown into the roadside by Jameson. The culprit, Jameson is a 48 years old man as the authorities recognize him, had even asked the boy where he was born. The police are still investigating the man to understand why he did what he did. However, there are no confirmations as of now.

Jameson Chapman Arrested

The young boy is now healthy and fine but the incident has left him startled and there is a mental trauma left behind. The 11-year-old is staying away from people out of his fear. The scars that are left behind by the man will stay for some time, but, we can’t say that they will heal completely and no one can answer that and we can only hope for the best. Whatever happened was really tragic and no matter how small there is a population that feels unsafe due to these sorts of incidents. There are many good communities living in Connecticut so the fear is experienced by many others as well. This fear makes them assault others and the cycle continues.

Jameson Chapman Deep River Ct Address Connecticut

The state troopers have been talking with the mother of the child after seeing the video. According to the state police, Chapman was accused of endangering a kid, third-degree assault, and disturbing the peace. The State Police has said that Jameson has been charged with the accusation of endangering a kid, which is a third-degree crime and has also been charged with the disturbance of the peace. The report has been filed and the man is under thorough investigation by the Police authorities. We will update you with any official information that will come out as soon as it is released.


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