Many videos and images of individuals are going viral on social media and everyone wants to know about them. Netizens just want something interesting to see and read. Currently, a video of a man is going viral on social media.

Who Is Cjjbreezy

According to the latest sources, a man can be seen in a video throwing a smoothie at a teenage girl after a verbal argument started between them. Later, the video captured a space on social media and went viral among users. Currently, the video is available on Twitter and TikTok.

James Lannazzo Video leaked

Basically, social media is used for sharing some interesting and also serious content. People show their interest in the content and give their reviews. Currently, the video of the man is capturing the attention of the audience.

A similar incident took place recently where James Lannazzo an employee of Merill Lynch Wealth Management was seen arguing with the teenage employees and later threw a smoothie at a girl after a verbal argument. Now, the video is going more viral and everyone is keen to know about the girla and the person. Keep reading this article to check more updates here.

Jim Iannazzo From Merrill Lynch?

In the viral video, a man named James Lanazzo assaulted a teenage girl. The video was shared from a TikTok account @cjjbreezy, the coworker of the teenage girl.

In the video, it can be easily seen that James was saying racist slurs and screaming at the employees. Along with this, he also threw a smoothie at a girl. The girl also record the video after the quarrel started between James and another worker of the store. According to the sources, he was upset over the smoothie that he started to blame the girl and also tried breaking into the back and being a racist.

Review of James Lannazzo Merril Lynch Wealth Management

Some of the details revealed that since November 1995, he has been working in Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. He works as a representative in the firm.

He has a LinkedIn profile accessible on the web which is also shared on Twitter after his video went viral on the Internet. They also stated him as a savage and racist person. The video has gone viral all over social media and people started to share their hate for the person. The video has been seen by millions of people around the world and they are giving their reactions over the video.


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