How did James Dellavecchia die and what was his cause of death?: Today we are bringing you news from the man named Scott Robbins who had recently gone back to the house where he grew up in. The town is called Ridley Township and is situated in Pennsylvania. It was only that he got to feel the joy of going back to his house back in Pennsylvania. It is a place that is filled with a lot of nostalgia as it is the place where he had spent his entire childhood and there are a lot of memories associated with that place. However, the place that he called his house that had memories filled in it was also turning out to be the place where he had been having issues with his neighbor, or rather it was the neighbors that were having the issue with him. Follow More Updates On

James Dellavecchia

How did James Dellavecchia die?

There was an investigation by Discovery which was titled, “Fear Thy Neighbor: Backyard Blood” and it was about to tell the story of how the man names Scott had actually died and how tragic it was. We can not even imagine a case where a person could have died only because they had a problem with him. But, what exactly was the issue that lead to his death. We will explore this in this article and try to see what transpired as Scott moved back to his old house.

Who is Scott Robbins and how did he die?

Scott was a 42-year-old man and was working as a mechanic at Metropolitan Fire and Sprinkler. However, it was in 2011 when he was met with an accident when he was driving. It was that point in time when he had only moved into his house with his wife and children. He wanted to live happily with his family.

From the investigation, we know that Scott was shot down seven times when he was trying to get into his car. He had a colleague in the car who was waiting for him in the car, however, he has not hurt anywhere and was able to escape safely. His kid whose name is Kristen was also shot in the abdomen and the pair of father and son were moved to the hospital in a very quick manner. It was very fortunate though, as Scott had died shortly after being taken to the emergency room.

James Dellavecchia Death Cause

The man who had shot down Scott was named James Dellavecchia and he had known him in his childhood. When the police authorities reached the scene, Scott was breathing and even marked at the man who had shot him. James had a problem with the noise when Scott was building a shed and he was also pointed out as a short-tempered man after the investigation. He was arrested soon after the police had got the news and talked to the witnesses. He was charged with murder and had to serve in jail as punishment. However, he also died in 2020 at the age of 81, after committing suicide.


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