The latest trending personality James Charles denied the allegations of “Grooming” after the grooming screenshot leaked video trending on Twitter. But rumours began in this story and now the TikTok video getting viral that led to her cancellation. Currently, James Charles started trending on Twitter again. In the whole situation, many were questioning James regarding the incident. Here is the complete report about the sudden hike of the personality.

James Charles Grooming Screenshots

Recently, She was trended on Twitter after a TikTok user involved a Beauty influencer of being a groomer. If you want to know the name of the user who posted the video so, Isiayah uploaded a TikTok video which is a combination of screenshots of his alleged conversation with James.

The user claimed that the influencer James was constantly asking to know that he had also posted screenshots of some of the conversations he had with James. The available video is the biggest reason behind the huge trend of James all over Twitter. Many people were in a hurry to cancel it for the same.

However, the whole internet was divided into two-part. Some of the fans of James suggested that he had been the victim of false accusations in the past and hinted that it could be one of them. While on the other side, others began to support Ishiya.

At the ending of the conversation, he wrote a statement which represents his feeling regarding the whole incident and it represents that he is really denying all the allegations which he faced for several days. Now all the situation is going to close. For further information, you can follow this website because we going to disclose much upcoming news.


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