Recently, a very famous YouTuber named James Charles is continuing completing into the highlights. A very shocking and also funny news is coming into the limelight because of tweets send by James Charles. Let us tell you that James Charles is a famous YouTuber who containing huge popularity across the world. Now, the matter that happened on Twitter is that James recently placed some tweets in which he claimed that a popular TikTok Star has been sending him nudes behind their girlfriend’s back. The tweet of James read by many people and also reactions on the tweet is very impressive and high.james charles

The tweets sent by James Charles now deleted by him because of no reason. Let us tell you that what he wrote in the tweet. He said, “Stop cheating on ur significant others… it’s awful and some of us can’t even get one boyfriend let alone two”. He has not disclosed the name of the TikTok star but he claimed that he got some nude pictures. After he tweets on Twitter then all the people who got it to react to it and give their comment about the incident. So, the actual matter is it and also this is the reason behind James Charles comes into popularity today.

In the second tweet, James Charles said that “There’s a famous TikTok boy who every time he fights with his girlfriend Snapchats me nudes & confesses his love for me, but then gets back together with her 3 days later. Finally decided to tell the girl (because she deserves better) and she blocked me lmfao yikes”. In any tweet, James has not revealed the name of the TikTok star and this is the reason many people said that James lies all the claims to get popularity over social media.

He regularly manages the matter by starting it and also he owns closed it by placing the last tweet inn which he said “As much as I would love to @ him if I mentioned his name, id be outing him which is absolutely not appropriate. Two wrongs don’t make a right”. So, after reading all the tweets many people who support him give him love and appreciation. But, after he deletes his all tweets on social media then many people defame him and claimed that all the claims by James were lying. So, stay tuned with us to know more interesting news.


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