ULLU Streaming Platform is not going to stop itself in recent days as it is releasing some back-to-back web series for the fans. Recently, the makers of the “Jalebi Bai” released the first part earlier of the month, and then, it didn’t take much days to release the second part. Both parts of the series spread a huge fan base among watchers and many fans even supported the series by watching its thousands of times. According to the sources, the makers has broken all the records of all series as they are getting curious to watch the next part of the series which means the Third Part.

Jalebi Bai Part 3 ULLU Web Series Episode

According to the latest updates, the makers didn’t want to let their fans wait for the next part and they will release it soon. Yes, “Jalebi Bai Part 3” will release soon in the upcoming days, and fans are getting curious to watch the unexpected performance of the lead actresses. First and Second parts have already graced a huge fan base and now, they are getting excited for another one. Let us tell you that the trailer of the third part has been released on Youtube and got more than 4 Lakh views within 4 days. Now, we are going to share some unhidden truth or details of the upcoming web series.

Jalebi Bai Part 3 ULLU Web Series

Well, this is a story of a beautiful woman who is a maid and works in different houses of society. She wears Saree as everyone keeps their eyes on her and attracts to her beauty. We have seen at the end of part 2 that a new Jalebi Bai has come in society and she will create a trap in the sake of money to all the people. She can do anything for money and steal money from the guard to the landlord. Now, lots of things will be seen in the upcoming episode.

Here are lots of characters in the series who is playing a lead role in the series and now, they are going to appear in part 3. Lots of fans are willing to watch the next part where these performers will spread their magic among all the watchers. Let us tell you that Rinku Ghosh as Jalebi Bai will be seen in a lead role and entertain all the watchers of ULLU’s series.

Jalebi Bai Part 3 ULLU Episode, Review

Maybe, the fans will not have to wait for a long day because the series will release in the upcoming days. According to the official trailer, the series will be released on April 22, 2022, on the official ULLU streaming platform and fans can also watch it on the official website. Stay tuned for more updates.


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