Famous Youtube Jake Paul always stays into highlights because of his videos and current, he is a part of the Youtube vs Tik Tok fight. Jake has played many matches in this tournament where several Youtubers and Tik Tok stars have participated and battled many matches against each other.

Is Jake Paul's Girlfriend Julia Rose Pregnant

The fans always get excited for the upcoming battles of the participants and it is not only about Jake Paul, there are many influencers who have become a part of this tournament and playing their back-to-back matches. Along with this, Jake Paul is vastly popular on the Internet because of his videos and his relationship moments.

Jake is always been active about his recent relationship with his girlfriend, Julia and now, it seems that the couple is getting serious about their relationship. Well, it is not the first time that the couple is coming together in front of their fans. Last year, they had a date for a short period, however, their relationship reached an end too soon and now, the couple is trying to come together again and giving another chance to each other. With their relationship rumors, something surprising and joyful moment is spreading over the Internet about the couple that Jake’s girlfriend Julia Rose is pregnant.

The rumors came into highlights after a video of the Youtuber went viral. Many fans left with this shocking news and trying to find out what is the reality of Youtuber’s viral video.

Is Julia Rose Pregnant?

It seems that Julia Rose is not pregnant and fans are left confused after watching a viral video of a Youtuber on social media where he appeared on Logan Paul’s Podcast show Impaulsive. The show is all about where influencers are being invited by Logan Paul and Mike Majlak and they discuss recent news and gossips within the influencer community.

In Podcast, Jake hinted that Rose is pregnant because he said that I want to have my own family with her and she is pregnant. Everyone gets shocked for a moment but when Logan asked him that if he is serious about this or not.

Later, Jake confirmed that he was just lying. Jake cracked a joke and wants to see the reaction of Logan. Jake always talked about a promise ring and told Logan that he has a relationship with Julia and things going serious.

Jake Paul & Julia Rose Relationship

The couple had dated in 2020 but their relationship did not stay for a long time and they separated but recently, the couple started a new life together. They mostly shared their story and picture together on social media and stay active for their fans. By profession, Julia Rose is a social media influencer and model.


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