The fight between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley has become the talk of the town. But the fame of both celebrities is not the reason behind the popularity of the fight. Recently, Jake Paul’s girlfriend Julia Rose took to TikTok to express her feelings. Now, she tells that her boyfriend Jake Paul has banned sexual intercourse between them for two weeks ahead of the match.

Jake Paul and Julia Rose

Now, she is frustrated because of this initiative and expressed her feelings on TikTok. Now, her video has been getting viral on different social media platforms and many people put their comments and reacted to it.

Jake Paul and Julia Rose TikTok Video

She made a video standing in front of the mirror and appearing in a very naughty avatar. She sang along to SZA’s ‘I Hate U’ and also put the text overlay. She wrote in the text “Dear Whoever Told Boxers They Shouldn’t Have Intimacy Two Weeks Before a Fight”.

This is not happening for the first time because some celebrities previously did the same thing before in their lives. Many people all over the world were eagerly waiting to watch the full fight between both the celebrities. There were many incidents highlighted on the internet in which some people take a break from their relationship for their fights.

Sports medicine expert Dr. Ian Schrier weighed in on the topic of sexual affecting athletes in an article for National Geographic News, in which he approved that there is no real evidence that sexual intercourse makes an athlete less physically fit.

He said “There are two possible ways sex before the competition could affect performance. First, it could make you tired and weak the next day. This has been disproven. The second was is that it could affect your psychological state of mind. This has not been tested”.

Before his second conflict with Woodley, Paul had declared that he was refraining from lovemaking with his girlfriend to confirm that he remained undefeated. Now, his girlfriend Julia Rose is frustrated because she wants to make love with him and he ignores her for doing this. She took to TikTok and express her feelings to all of her followers who knew her.

Now, the madness among the people after reading the text on her story is very high. They all gave comments on her story and reacted to it. So, stay connected with us to know more information related to the beautiful relationship between Jake Paul and Julia Rose.


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