Jaime Osuna Necklace Documentary Read Story Explained and Where Is He Now?: A shocking incident happened with Luis Romera who was his cellmate of Osuna and he killed him and divided his body into two parts and made a necklace from his body parts and wear it on his neck. He was noticed by the jail guards and they too get horrified by this incident. People researching about him and want to know the story of the whole incident. Social media & many news channels are now filled with this news and this news has become the top headline people mainly wanted to know about Luis who got killed by him. So, let’s have a look below. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

jaime osuna documentary

Necklace Story Of Jaime Osuna

In 2011 he was charged with the killing of a thirty-seven-year-old woman in a Bakersfield motel. During his trial, he came with a dark personality with a sad smile and also made fun of her family. Recently he again did a crime in which he killed his cellmate named Luis Romero who was 44 years old and Osuna killed him and cut his body parts and make a necklace from his body and wear it. Later he was discovered by the guards of the jail and he is now jailed for the rest of his life. This incident happened on 9th March 2019 and this news is now getting viral on the internet.

jaime osuna documentary

Who Is Jaime Osuna?

He is a Satanist and he has covered his whole body & face with tattoos he also has a sad smile. He gave a sad smile and his personality can scare anyone as he did many crimes earlier in his life. He had done many crimes in his life as he killed a woman and also make fun of her family and he also did not like the people who smile and stay happy in the world.

jaime osuna documentary

Where Is Jamie Osuna Now?

People want to know where is he now as he did a crime in 2019. As per the information, he is arrested for killing Yvette Pena and he was sentenced to spend his life in prison. Now it is expected that he will plead guilty to the crime he did in 2019. In 2021 he was declared to be normal in stand trial and the next trial is set for 22nd July 2022, we don’t have much information on this that what happened in the courtroom. Stay connected with us for the more latest information on Technology, Science, Business, and many more.


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