International Tractor Limited has launched the Solis Hybrid tractor with the new technology from Japan. They have become the first tractor manufacturer especially for the farmers in India. Solis and Yanmar researched extensively and found that the farmers do not want one tractor, but they need at least three tractors. ITC progressed the new technology in cooperation with Japanese partner Yanmar Agribusiness which can be given the benefits of three tractors in a single tractor. They need a powerful tractor of minimum 50Hp to introduce from mechanization and opearate modern implements.

ITL First Hybrid Tractor Launched in India

Solis Hybrid has a LED display which will also consume less battery and can be charged automatically. The estimated price for the tractor is Rs.7.21 Lakh in India. But when the soil has high moisture level then 50HP is also not enough to carry the heavy load. The farmers sometimes require 60HP power so they can work in these conditions also. The Japanese hybrid technology has been used in India to manufacture such kinds of tractors which can reduce the pollution and well as reduce the emission. The makers have used a lithium-ion battery and electric motors.

It offers the continued power through the synchro-control without any maintenance. By using this simple lever, they can increase the power of the tractor from 45HP to 60Hp or more. With the help of a Japanese engine and transmission, when using the tractor on 50HP power it consumes the fuel of a 45HP. Even when using the hybrid power, it will give the full strength of 60HP and consumes the diesel of 45HP tractors. The power booster can easily operate by hand to gain a boost. It will definitely increase the productivity and the earning of the farmers. This technology hasn’t used anywhere in the world but Solis Yanmar is fully

committed to bringing cutting-edge technology at an affordable price in India. This is the most powerful segment after using this technology. This tractor also offers the auto charging cut-off function which will enhance the battery life of the tractor. The executive director Raman Mittal has stated that the 50hp tractor is sufficient to work in any area as it ignites the power of 60Hp in 45HP fuel capacity. The farmers will get the advantages of three tractors in one and this will be launched at an affordable price. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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