Isuzu has announced that the new variant of the D-Max has been launched at a price of 16.98 lakh. The 1.9-litre turbo-diesel engine with 4-cylinders will use the same motor that was used in the standard V- cross Hi-lander. This turbo engine will produce 163bhp and 320Nm of torque. There are many more exciting features launched in this car that will make the ride much comfortable and adventurous. The makers have also claimed that they have provided these features in D-Max are still on a budget. There will not be an automatic option for the trim with a 2Wd system and that is the only difference that will be seen in the Hi-Lander.

isuzu d-max

If we see the wheels of this car, there will be the bottom end trim, and the Hi-Lander gets a 16-inch wheels with the wheel covers. The wheels will be adjustable by a driver from the driving seat and they are easy to adjust. MU-X full-sized SUV car was the last launch of the company which is slightly different from the D-Max V-Cross new Hi-Lander variant. This addition of Isuzu was first introduced in 2016 that was quite similar to the D-Max V-Cross variant. This is the vehicle that can easily be chosen for the adventures trips as we expect the largely explored lifestyle in this segment of Isuzu. The makers have launched this car with six-speed automatic

transmission which will easily adjustable to shift on four-wheel-drive mode and this is the key feature of this Hi-Lander vehicle. The V-Cross was purchased by customers with a 2.5-litre diesel engine with an inter-cooled system that also emit the power of 134bhp with the maximum power and the torque of 132Nm. The exterior feature is LEdmD Daytime running lights and bi-LED project headlights which also enhance the look of the D-Max V-Cross. There will a seven-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple Carplay and Android Auto comparability is launched in Isuzu D-Max V-cross.

The back seats will also be adjustable like front seats. This variant of Isuzu will provide the ABS with EBD, Hill Descent Control, and Electronic Stability Control while riding. The steering wheel has a mounted control with traction control and reverses parking. It will give a higher ground clearance and focus on the privacy of customers. It will provide the steering wheel with a wheel cover and a blackened rearview mirror as well. The air conditioning system will fit in your budget as the system as opposed to an automatic manual control. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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