One of the viral news that is trending on the internet and many people are searching continuously. Haim Eshed who is 87 years old, confessed in a recent interview to Israel’s Yediot Aharonot newspaper, he told about extraterrestrial life and about an agreement between the US government and the “Galactic Federation” of aliens. According to sources, the aliens are real and US President Donald Trump is well aware of this, a claim by the former Israeli security chief, in an interview, that they are keeping their existence a secret. However “humanity is not ready for them”. As per a report, Israel’s space security program was Spearheaded by Mr. Eshed for nearly three decades.

Israel-Ex Space Boss Claim 'Aliens Are Living On Earth And Real Donald Trump Knows About It'

Let us tell you that according to the news, an agreement has been reached between the US government and the aliens to properly understand and understand the “fabric of the universe“, The Jerusalem Post, another daily, called it Hebrew. Published in the original interview said. Evidently, this collaboration includes a secret underground base on Mars, about which Trump was already aware.

Although Donald Trump refused to disclose its existence as the Galactic Federation insisted that “humanity is not ready yet”, the aliens insisted that humans “need to evolve and reach the level where we… Understand what space and spacecraft are”. It was the major statement by the aliens, all the people are interested in this cause and they are looking for more details eagerly, which is given in the next paragraph.

At the same time, they talked with Professor Ham Ished about his book – The Universe Beyond the Horizon that “If I had been saying that five years before today I was hospitalized, I would have come.” Although there has been no response from the US government on this so far, there has been a big wave in social media since the interview was published earlier this week. Keep visiting this page for a better experience and update yourself with daily news across the world.


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