Khanna and his wife were tied to a tree by his wife’s brother and he says I will burn you both. Everyone asks her brother to stop this nonsense and this will destroy many lives. Anika says what wrong your sister did by loving Khanna as Khanna is the very good guy and he can take care of your sister very well.

Suddenly kids of her brother come and they ask if you will do the same with us if we will do like this. He runs out of words and he feels sad. He throws the fire stick and hugs his sister.

Ishqbaaz, written episode, spoilers

Shivay says we will not take care of the society and we should promise to ourselves that this is wrong and we will not practice it. He asks his sister to forgive him and he did a terrible mistake. Khanna says no you were just taking care of your sister.

Rudy says we have not eaten anything from the morning and now make us eat something. Everyone claps. Shivay talks to someone and says someone is coming and we will pick them up from airport. Rudy says why you are so happy. He says Farhan is coming and he is my best friend, i was not able to attend his wedding.

Rudy becomes sad and says Shivay only gets happy because of him but Frahan comes in between them. Shivay asks Anika are you ready. Anika says yes see i am ready. Shivay admires her and started getting sneeze. Anika says i have decided that i will speak urdu in front of Farhan and his wife.

Shivay says do not try to speak Urdu. Anika says I will and i like this.


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