Ayesha says to Shahbaz that Kabir and Zara should be enjoying life but they fight like elders, Kabir doesn’t even listen to me, I asked to bring her back but he didn’t listen. Shahbaz asks if she needs anything from him? Ayesha says I want your permission to handle this issue and bring Zara back with hope to settle things down. Shahbaz says do what you want.

In morning, Kabir brings a bag to lounge. Ayesha brings her bag. Kabir asks where she is going? Ayesha says I am going to my daughter in law’s house, I kept asking you to bring my daughter in law here again and again by you didn’t listen so if Zara cannot come here then i can go to her: Kabir is stunned. Ayesha says if you want to meet me then you have to come to Zara’s house, bye. All are shocked. Alina tries to stop her but Ayesha leaves. Kabir asks Shahbaz to make her listen. Zeenat says i am not shocked, don’t know what magic Zara has done on her that she listens to her only, she went to mosque today , your mother is against you to be with her daughter Zara, i didn’t see it happen before , don’t know what else we will see now, she leaves. Shahbaz gets a call and says i am coming, yes stay there, he ends call and says i have a business meeting, i am leaving, he leaves. Kabir looks on.

Ayesha comes to Zara’s house. Salma hugs her and says you came here without informing us what you have made us so happy. Zara runs and hugs her. Ayesha asks how is she? Zara says great, i am happy to see you here. Ayesha asks her servant to put her things in a room. Servant asks in which room? Ayesha says put it in my daughter’s room, i have left my son to live with my daughter if you don’t mind Irfan calls Shahbaz and says a lot happened in this days, Ayesha is here so i wanted to invite you, family and Kabir over a dinner. Shahbaz says i can come but i am not sure about Kabir, i will tell later, he ends call. Irfan says to Salma that he didn’t answer properly, seems like they don’t want to come.

Kabir is in his room, he recalls his fights with Zara’s arguments over Islam against him, her asking if he has to choose divorce way then which way he will choose? Kabir saying instant divorce:then after there marriage, Zara going against him, giving statement against him, he gets angry and falls down. He lies on floor and says everything is clear now, storm is gone, what i have thought is just and right. He smirks, takes out money bag and looks on.

Kabir is knocking in Miraj’s door. Miraj asks him to come in, he asks if everything is fine: Kabir says i want money, Miraj says why? Kabir says i can’t tell you the reason but i want money. Miraj says ok, gives him the money bag. Kabir thanks him. Miraj asks where are you going with this money? Kabir says to rectify a mistake, he leaves.

Kabir is living house, Alina asks where he is going? Kabir says to Zara’s house, he leaves. Alina calls Zara and says Kabir is coming to your house. Zara says really? Alina says he must be coming to pacify you. Zara says to Ayesha and Salma that Kabir is coming to take me. Ayesha says i pray you both have happiness, Salma prays to god. Ayesha says to Salma that i was thinking to make Zara bride of Kabir again and take her from here. Salma says you are right, i will not cry in her bidai this time. Zara hugs them both.

Kabir is going to Zara’s home. Zara gets dressed as a bride. She hears a car honk. Salma and Ayesha bring Zara to lounge. Kabir enters Zara’s house. Servant greets him. Irfan comes there and hugs him. Kabir is in a daze. He sees Zara coming down as a bride. Zara smiles at him amd greets him. Kabir comes to Ayesha and says let’s go. Ayesha says Zara will go with us. Kabir says no only you come with us. Ayesha says Zara became bride for you. Kabir says i am requesting you to come with me, don’t be stubborn, i have come to take you only. All are stunned. Kabir starts leaving with Ayesha but Ayesha jerks her hand back. Ayesha says to Kabir that i am not changing my decision because you are here, if i am going then Zara is going with me. Kabir says ok i wanted to talk to Zara alone but i will talk in front of all now, i am coming. He brings money bag and comes to Zara. Kabir says listen to me carefully, he holds her hand. Kabir asks Zara if she can change her thinking, her ways, her rules for him? Think about it. All look on. Salma hints her to nod yes. Zara shakes her hand. Kabir says from the time we met, we only agreed on one thing that we should not marry. Kabir says to Zara that the relation which doesn’t make you or me happy there should get freedom from it. I, Kabir  Ahmed gives divorce to Zara Ahmed. All are shocked. Irfan whimpers Kabir: Kabir opens money bag and it has Zara’s mahar amount. Kabir says i give you divorce, divorce, divorce. Zara is in daze.



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