Today (26.06.2018) Ishq Subhan Allah episode starts with Qazi Sahab requests Ayesha (Kabir’s mum) to give a statement of what she had seen in the mosque when Kabir and denied reading Namaz.

She walks up to the podium. Kabir’s mum is tensed. She says please forgive me but I cannot give a statement against my son.

Next Qazi Sahab asks Zara if she is ready to give a statement. She asks Kabir if you have been asked to give a statement for an issue, then as per Islam, can I deny to give a statement. He says no. Zara then says I give a statement that Kabir went against the sharia board decision and denied to read Namaz for the woman at the mosque.

Qazi asks Kabir why did he do this?kabir stands up and tells everyone that he has done what he thinks is right and in future, he will do it too, he says anybody’s right is beyond what is truth and right. Kabir says, if people still think that I m wrong, then I am ok to resign as the deputy Qazi. Zara tries to stop him, Kabir hands over the resignation letter to Qazi. Other men say that if Kabir resigns then we will also resign. Kabir walks up to his mum and gives his hands to holds Zara’s to ask her to join them along but he takes his mum away.

Zara runs behind him and stops him and asks if you were in my place, what would you have done. He holds her forehead and kisses her and say I would die but I would not have spoken against you. Zara us in tears.

Kabir tells that you should not have got my mum to sharia board. He leaves along with his mum. Zara’s father was sitting tensed. Zara goes to him and asks him what is he thinking. He is worried about what will he tell her mother. Zara says don’t worry, I will make her understand, she says you have done right. She asks him he is not ashamed of her in front of god. He father says you did what is right.

Kabir comes home and says Kabir I am proud of you and don’t worry of the resignation, entire Lucknow city stand with you, Qazi cannot do anything, I will go the national board for this issue. He says, I a

m worried about my mother as she had to come to sharia board, he says sorry and thanks her supporting her, she taunts him that mother always stands with kids but kids don’t. She says I had told you to bring Zara home, Zara did what she thought was right, while you did what was right. She says I don’t want my house to be a battlefield, hence by today evening, I want Zara back in this house!

Zara’s mum says who is responsible for this, you have raised your daughter like a son, and see what has happened today, her life is ruined. She says your daughter can never be a Qazi any president of sharia board, now what will happen of her life, she is crying badly. She says girls look good in their in-law’s place, she says now I will go there and beg them to take Zara back.

Zara comes home. She tells her mum that she will not go anywhere or beg for me. She tells Kabir had dropped me here as per his wish, only then I will go, her mum asks her how can you think that after all of this, Kabir will come. Zara says I have faith, he will come and I will make things right between us.

Reema and Imran are with Kabir, Reema says that Kabir had dropped Zara at her place, so he had to get her back, Imran argues that Zara had taken decision to stay separate for the case they argue, Kabir tells at them to be Quiet and leaves.

Zara is at her place and looks at her and Kabir’s pics as she remembers their good times together. Kabir is also remembering his moments with Zara. Zara is crying lying on the floor while remembering Kabir.

Kabir looks at a paper which mentions Zara’s win at the Sharia board and recollects her challenge to him. He takes out all her belongings and says from today, it not possible for us to stay together, He tears a picture of him and Zara and says from now, you have a different path and so do i.


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